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Pool Maintenance & Upkeep In Fairhope, AL




Maintaining a pool requires a constant drive, a motivation that you have to keep up with if not a daily basis, at least a weekly basis. At Alabama Poolworks we want to make your life worry and stress free, let us take care of your pool and equipment needs. Our staff is trained from the day they begin working with us on the basics of pool cleaning, understanding the fundamentals of how a pool filtration system works and advanced chemical knowledge to keep your pool looking crystal clear and swim-able everyday!
Our satisfaction is knowing our customers are happy with their pool servicing company. We know there are many other pool cleaners out on the market, so what makes us different?
Clean pool — Pool Services in Fairhope, AL
We offer the following on each visit to your pool and/or spa
  • Blow off Pool Area
  • Check and Clean Skimmer Basket(s)
  • Check and Clean Pump Basket(s)
  • Vacuum Pool
  • Skim/Net Pool
  • Brush Pool Walls
  • Inspect Pool and Pool Equipment
  • Backwash and Rinse Filter when Necessary
  • Water Testing
  • Adding and Balancing Chemicals
  • General Liability Insurance ($1,000,000 per incident, $3,000,000 aggregate)
  • Workmen's Compensation Insurance, Certified Pool Operators Certificates



Are you having a quick get together last minute? Or maybe you have a showing on the house and need a quick clean. Our one time cleanings are not a substitution for a quick green to clean pool. If you are dealing with an algae invested pool, please refer to the Green-to-Clean option. During the holidays our one time cleaning charge may fluctuate in pricing. *Final Price plus chemicals and tax.


Have a swamp where your pool should be? Green water is a no go in the pool industry, so why haven't you contacted us to get it clear? A Green-to-Clean also known as a "Drop-out" is where additional chemicals will be used to treat your pool. We will take your pool from green or yellow color to blue, clear and beautiful.
Our cleaning process can take multiple days depending on the severity of the pools condition. Pricing for a Green-to-Clean varies, please call to confirm current pricing. Price does not reflect additional costs for tax and chemicals used.


We offer a maintenance contract which includes weekly and can also include bi-weekly cleanings for your pool and/or spa. The base price for our contract can vary based on the discounts given for having a Polaris/Robotic cleaner, as well as foliage and equipment condition. All of our contracts which include at least 1 visit, weekly, to your pool. Pricing is subject to change with the use of chemicals not included in the price.
Pricing for monthly contracts does not reflect true accurate pricing for every pool and/or spa. For this reason, please contact us for a quote that will better reflect your pool and/or spa.
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