Alabama Poolworks Provides The Following Products In Fairhope, AL

At Alabama Poolworks we keep our customers satisfied by offering only the best in pool products available. For these reasons, we are a leading distributor of the finest swimming pool equipment, parts and supplies. To keep your pool looking and functioning at its best, it all starts with the equipment and what you are putting in it. Visit our store today to pick up your pool's products and parts.

Products Available

Chemical Brands:
  • E-Z Clor®
  • Pool Logic
  • PoolStyle®
  • Sanitize
  • Super SHOCK – IT 73
NPT Pool Brands:
  • NPT Tile®
  • Hardscapes
  • NPT Designer Surfaces
  • JewelScapes®
  • QuartzScapes®
  • StoneScapes®
  • ColorScapes®
  • PlasterScapes®